NU Financials Account Guide


OSR will open a standard set of NUFinancials budgetary accounts at the time of the initial appropriation process for Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) awards (including NIH Modular grants). If additional accounts need to be opened, departments should send a comprehensive list of the accounts and objects to their OSR Grant & Contract officer. To find the grant and contract officer assigned to your department, go to

OSR no longer opens accounts or extends project end dates based on requests from central administrative units such as Payroll and University Services. Central units will notify the department if there is a problem. It is the department’s responsibility to make sure accounts are open and projects are active before processing any requests for payment. In the event unanticipated circumstances arise, the department should review sponsor guidelines, and if allowable, request accounts be opened; provide a guarantee to extend the end date; or inform OSR if new funding has arrived.

NUFinancials Accounts List

The accounts listed at the end of this page include accounts most likely to be used on a sponsored project. This is not a comprehensive list. Under the NUFinancials Grants Account Structure, OSR will open Grants category budgetary accounts which will allow spending on a variety of specific expense accounts. For example:

OSR opens the Grants Category Budget account 
60010 - Academic Personnel

Expenses can be charged to either
60011 - Faculty Salaries, Regular 
60020 - Faculty Summer Salary 
60030 - Research Professional Salary 
60040 - Academic Occassional Salaries
60050 - Academic Professionals
60076 - TGS Research Assistants

Please note that sponsor requirements may prohibit the use of an expense account, even though the account may roll up to the open Grants budgetary category account. Charges to an expense account will therefore be monitored by Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs (ASRSP) at the post award level. It is also possible that the sponsor allows the use of certain accounts not included in the list below. Please review the information provided at the time of award regarding sponsor or award limitations. Specific questions should be directed to your OSR research administrator. Questions about properly classifying expenditures should be directed to ASRSP.

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