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Use Workflow Maps to track items in progress

Did you know? InfoEd has Workflow Maps to help you track the status of proposals, awards, clinical trials, non-funded negotiations, and change requests. They help answer questions like:

  • I’m an RA. Which of my Change Requests are still waiting for PI signoff?
  • I’m a school approver. How many proposals are routing to me right now?
  • I’m a department manager. Are there awards waiting for my RAs’ action or are they all with OSR for processing?
  • I’m new. What do these routes even look like?

Workflow Maps (also called Workflow Charts) are available right on the InfoEd homepage:

Opening the map gives you a visual guide to the steps in each process and shows how many items (limited by your InfoEd security) are at each step:

Click the number in any cell to open a detailed list. You can then open an individual record:

Please contact the NUIT Support Center if you have any questions or run into trouble using these Workflow Maps.

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