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Sponsored Research Performance Indicators: December Update

In December, the Sponsored Research team’s median time to process agreements ticked up slightly for most transaction types, reflecting a larger number of older transactions completed with many sponsors motivated to conclude work at the year’s end. However, the median days to complete clinical trials was 126 days — an outcome that successfully met the target goal and then some. The overall number of non-funded negotiation and outgoing subcontract requests in the queue dropped. See the table below for a summary of transaction processing times across key types.

The two temporary contract positions within our office are being converted to permanent resources, with one staff member being assigned to the contracts team and the other to the subcontracts team. Sponsored Research expects to post the positions in the coming weeks, with permanent candidates in place before the temporary contracts expire the end of February.

For a graphical summary of overall progress, please see the Performance Indicators page.

Transaction Type Median Time to Complete
Funded Agreements (Grants Team) 46 days
Funded Agreements (Corporate Team) 43  days
Change Requests 8 days
Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDA) 24 days
Data Use Agreements (DUA) 29 days
Material Transfers Agreements (MTA) 45 days
Clinical Trials 126 days
Other Industry Activities (Amendments, etc.) 39 days
Outgoing Subcontracts (New) 87 days
Outgoing Subcontracts (Amendments) 84 days