Administrative Proposal Review

What is Administrative Proposal Review?

A set of review criteria and related routing processes for OSR review, endorsement, and submission of competing grant proposals

Why is this change being implemented?

OSR seeks to implement strategies and tools that will best serve the faculty when reviewing and submitting proposals. Administrative Proposal Review realizes this aim by streamlining and standardizing the review process for the administrative components of sponsored research proposals.

Who developed the Administrative Proposal Review process and the review criteria?

The OSR Grants Team and OSR Info Team working with departmental partners on both campuses

When does Administrative Proposal Review start?

Monday, October 15, 2018


  • Streamlined routing
  • No more distinction between standard and comprehensive review
  • Admin shell no longer exists
  • Workflow bypass is for after the fact proposals only
  • OSR review will focus on areas of risk/compliance
  • New format for comments
Note: Administrative proposal review criteria specifically exclude corporate / pharmaceutical funding and RPPR submissions