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Award Management

Fulfilling Sponsor Expectations

Award documents (e.g. Notice of Grant Award) will outline sponsor expectations and will generally reference terms and conditions, timelines for financial and technical reports and deliverables, compliance and other valuable information related to the project.  They may also reference when sponsor approval must be sought for modifications/changes to budgetary/administrative or technical work.  Knowledge of federal guidelines, sponsor referenced documents, and university policies are the responsibility of the Principal Investigator.  The notification or award letter should be reviewed at the time of receipt by the Principal Investigator and his/her assigned research administrator.  For questions related to the terms and conditions of the award, contact the assigned Sponsored Research Grant Officer.

Project Account Summary (PAS)

The PI and department will be sent a copy of the Project Account Summary (PAS) once a chart string has been established. The PI and department are responsible for verifying that the information provided in the PAS is consistent with the award documentation.  Sponsored Research should be notified if corrections need to be made.  It is important to understand and review the NU Financial structure to make sure only appropriate expenses are charged to the project.  Questions about properly classifying expenditures should be directed to Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs (ASRSP).

Financial Monitoring Resources

The Office of Cost Studies and Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs policies can be a valuable resource to assist with post award financial transaction questions, effort reporting, and compliance activities. Several resources available for monitoring the award are:

Data integrity within these systems is critically important for reports generated for use by the Principal Investigator, the departments and schools, as well as reports to agencies.  If information does not appear to be accurate, contact Sponsored Research, ASRSP, or Cost Studies for updating award information within the applicable system(s).

University Endorsement for Correspondence

Correspondence to external funding agencies concerning the administration of sponsored projects requires University endorsement prior to transmittal. Correspondence pertaining to post-award administration is reviewed by the Sponsored Research research administrators. Once reviewed, correspondence is endorsed for the University and forwarded to the appropriate funding agency; a copy is also forwarded to the principal investigator (PI). Upon receipt of a response from the funding agency, Sponsored Research will notify the PI and the PI’s department. Should the nature of the request involve rebudgeting or an extension of time, such action will be performed only after receipt of agency approval.