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Award Set-up

Notice of Grant Award (NOA)

A notice of grant award, NGA, NOA or NOGA, is an award notification from a sponsor. Typically, it contains information about the amount of funds obligated, the time period for performance, and the scope of work. In addition, the notice provides information about the terms and conditions associated with the award. An NOA is normally sent to Sponsored Research as the authorized university office to receive and accept award notices on behalf of the university. If a Principal Investigator receives an NOA directly, they should forward it to Sponsored Research for review, acceptance, and award setup.

Sponsor Requests Prior to Award, including “Just In Time”

Sponsors may request additional/revised information and/or University Endorsement of Correspondence/Certifications prior to issuance of an award document.  Requests by the sponsor may include information related to compliance or revisions to the proposal submitted, such as budgets and technical components. Click here for more about NIH Just-In-Time.


Opening Sponsored Project Chart Strings

Once a fully executed agreement has been received by Sponsored Research, it is matched with the proposal, logged into the InfoEd proposal and award information management system, and assigned a chart string in the University’s financial system. OSR appropriates the award funding in accordance with the approved budget.  For full budget awards with standard Research Terms and Conditions (RTC), Sponsored Research will open a standard set of NUFinancials budgetary accounts at the time of the initial appropriation process.  Information related to RTC and Agency Specific RTCs can be reviewed at: