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  1. Generate a quick-subscribe email by clicking on the list(s) you want to subscribe to:
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About the OSR Listservs

The OSR information team maintains two e-mail listservs for researchers and research support staff: OSR_CHICAGO and OSR_EVANSTON.
  • Purpose: The listservs are the primary means for communicating news and events, sponsor and policy changes, and system updates that affect the entire NU research community.
  • Use: General announcements are released simultaneously on both OSR_CHICAGO and OSR_EVANSTON listservs.  Chicago- or Evanston-campus specific announcements are distributed (only) on the respective campus listserv.  Important news and event items are also mirrored on the OSR website in the "News" and "Events" sections.
  • Moderation: The OSR listservs are strictly moderated lists with all messages originating from or being sent by OSR on behalf of an institutional partner. [There is no community forum associated with either OSR listserv.]
  • List Subscription: Anyone with an active, valid NU email address may subscribe to either / both of the OSR listservs. Valid NU addresses include any email address issued by Northwestern University (i.e. those ending in or its affiliates (e.g. Northwestern Medicine, Lurie Children’s, SRAL). 
  • Validation & Approval: All new subscribers must validate their email address and owner/editor approval is required.

Other Useful Listservs

IT Administrative Systems Emails

NUIT Administrative Systems - Finance Facilities and Research Administration (FFRA) maintains a number of lists related to certain administrative systems. For more information and/or to subscribe to the following lists, visit the FFRA website.
  • Core Financial Systems Users
  • Administrative Systems News Digest - Monthly
  • Administrative Systems Tips & Tricks - Monthly
  • Financial Reports Notification - Monthly
  • User Panel Participation

InfoEd PD Listserv

FFRA also maintains specialized listservs. For heavy users of InfoEd, you may wish to subscribe to the INFOED-PD-USERS listserv, which provides information about system updates, up-to-the-minute information when there are system issues, and tips & tricks for InfoEd use. To subscribe:
1. Send a plain text e-mail to with no subject line.
2. Type the following command in the message: SUBSCRIBE INFOED-PD-USERS

General Information on Subscribing / Unsubscribing


  1. Compose a new plain text email from the email account you would like to subscribe.
  2. Fill in the email as follows:
    • Subject: <leave blank>
    • Body: SUBSCRIBE listname [Note: The listname is the part before the (i.e. OSR_CHICAGO or OSR_EVANSTON)]
  3. Send Email.


You can unsubscribe by using the same email commands as above EXCEPT for typing UNSUBCRIBE (rather than SUBSCRIBE) in the body of the email OR
You can also unsubscribe by logging in to the NU Listserv Management Website:
  1. Log in with the email account subscribed to the list
  2. Click Subscriber's Corner.
  3. Under My Lists, find the list name you want to unsubscribe from and click [Settings] next to the name.
  4. Click Unsubscribe (LISTNAME) at the bottom.
Note: If you are unable to unsubscribe, you can send an email to the listserv owner asking to be unsubscribed manually. You can do this by emailing - where listname is the name of the list you would like to unsubscribe from.

Listserv Help

If you have any problems subscribing or have questions about the OSR listservs, please contact us for assistance.