Sponsor/Subcontractor Request Form

This form is to be used to request a new subcontractor or sponsor to be added to InfoEd. It replaces the subcontractor and sponsor request features available via the NU Portal. For instructions, click here: https://osr.northwestern.edu/new-sponsorsub-requests

Use SPONSOR only if money will be flowing FROM or THROUGH the sponsor TO Northwestern or if no funds will be involved. Use SUBCONTRACTOR only if money will be flowing from or through Northwestern to the subcontractor or if the organization is being requested as an Other Significant Contributor
Name and address information should ONLY come from proposal/award materials or from correspondence with organizational representatives. Do NOT rely on search engines (e.g. Google) to obtain this information.
Note: This is the contact at the organization NOT the name of the Northwestern contact / person submitting this form.
In the case of a proposal with NO FLOW-THROUGH (i.e. no sub-award is involved), use sole sponsor. IF THERE IS FLOW-THROUGH, the pass-through or direct sponsor is the agency or university to whom we (Northwestern) are submitting the proposal. The originating or prime sponsor is the sponsor to which the pass-through sponsor is submitting.
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