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What the Docusign pilot is       

Beginning February 2019, OSR is participating in a pilot program where we will utilize Docusign to collect signatures on nonfunded agreements: confidential disclosure agreements (CDA), data use agreements (DUA), and outbound material transfer agreements (MTA). 

Why we are conducting the Docusign pilot       

We hope to enable more efficient execution of nonfunded agreements by using a standard electronic signature process.  Nonfunded agreements represent a high volume share of OSR’s contract negotiations. The time needed to obtain all required signatures for one of these agreements adds to the total time it takes to receive a fully-executed agreement. Currently, the signature process for these agreements is managed through various mechanisms, including paper/scanned signatures. We hope that streamlining the signature process through a single channel will reduce time to execution.

How Docusign works

  • Email Notification: You will receive an email requesting your review of the nonfunded agreement.
    • The email will come through Docusign from the contracts officer responsible for the agreement negotiation.
    • The subject line will begin with “Please Docusign” and reference the agreement type, your name, and other relevant identifying information.
  • Review and Sign Document:
    • Click “Review Document” in the email. (You can open the email on a desktop computer or smartphone.)
    • Follow the prompts on the web page that opens after you click “Review Document” to review and sign.
    • Enter any information requested when prompted (e.g., your full name and/or title). 
    • Click “Finish” when done.
    • The document automatically routes to the next signatory and a notification is sent to your contracts officer alerting them of the status. 
  • Receive the Fully-Executed Agreement and Begin Your Project:  When the agreement is fully-executed, you’ll receive a signed copy, and you’re ready to proceed with the activity (information exchange for CDAs, data transfer for DUAs, or material transfer for MTAs).
For detailed instructions, see the “How to” job aids (at right).

Benefits of Docusign

  • Legally-binding and Secure: Signatures collected through Docusign are legally binding and secure, with all steps of execution tracked securely and electronically. 
  • Fast and Efficient: We anticipate Docusign will reduce time to execution by avoiding manual printing, scanning, and signing.
  • Sustainable: Using less paper we anticipate this will reduce environmental impact and costs (e.g., mailing costs, storage space, copier maintenance).
  • Convenient: Available 24 hours from any computer or smartphone with internet access. To sign you do not need to set up an account (though you may).

Job Aids

How to…