Changes to Post-doctoral Fellow Compensation

June 10, 2016

From December 1, 2016 onward, all post-doctoral fellows will need to be categorized as exempt, full-time employees earning an annual salary of at least $47,476.


The new Overtime Rule stipulated by the US Department of Labor takes effect on 1 December 2016 and will require several changes at Northwestern. The Overtime Rule requires that all exempt employees whether full-time or part-time must be paid at an annual salary of at least $47,476 per year. [Note: in brief, an exempt employee is one who is salaried and thus is not paid overtime and does not track hours worked.]  

This communication pertains solely to post-doctoral fellows and we are providing this guidance now so that principal investigators can plan appropriately.  Guidance regarding other employees affected by the Overtime Rule will be communicated when it is developed.

You will note that we are eliminating the position of part-time post-doctoral fellow.  Guidance regarding part-time positions for those who in the past would have been hired as post-doctoral fellows will follow.

Post-doctoral fellows who previously were hired into primarily teaching positions (e.g., they have assigned classroom duties) are subject to different rules.  Further guidance for those individuals will also be communicated when it is developed.