OSR Performance Indicators: August Update

September 4, 2019

With additional resources added in the second half of FY19, Sponsored Research achieved significant reductions in the median time to execute non-funded negotiations (data use, material transfer, and confidentiality disclosure agreements) and outgoing subcontracts. The largest reductions, approximately 60%, came in the times for DUAs, from a high of 96 days in March to 33 days in August; MTAs, from a high of 63 days in May to 26 days in August; and new outgoing subcontracts, from a high of 150 days in April to 56 days in August.

The time to execute CDAs also dropped considerably over the second half of the fiscal year, down from a high of 32 days in January to 20 days in August.

In August, the execution times for non-funded negotiations were within 10-20 percent of the target times, remaining stable over the past two months.

Though the time to execute new outgoing subcontracts has dropped significantly, the time for executing amendments has dropped slightly less, down from a high of 101 days in March to 68 days in August.

The two additional temporary resources assigned to the contracts and subcontracts teams have been extended through the end of September.

For a graphical summary of progress, please see the Performance Indicators page.
Transaction Type Median Time to Complete
Funded Agreements (Grants Team) 37 days
Funded Agreements (Corporate Team) 122 days
Change Requests 12 days
Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDA) 20 days
Data Use Agreements (DUA) 33 days
Material Transfers Agreements (MTA) 26 days
Clinical Trials 119 days
Other Industry Activities (Amendments, etc.) 39 days
Outgoing Subcontracts (New) 56 days
Outgoing Subcontracts (Amendments) 68 days