OSR Performance Indicators: June Update

July 10, 2019
In June, Sponsored Research continued to improve its processing time for outgoing subcontracts and non-funded negotiations.
The median time to execute new outgoing subcontracts decreased significantly, from a peak of 150 days in April to 57 days in June. The median time for executing amendments to existing subcontracts increased slightly from May to June (to 85 days), although the overall downward trend continued since April’s median of nearly 100 days. 
The median time to complete Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) remains under the 18-day target at 16 days. Median times for Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and Data Use Agreements (DUAs), 57 days and 72 days respectively, remain above target, as transactions that have been in the queue longer are being finalized. In June, the number of MTAs finalized in June was double the monthly average, and the number of DUAs finalized was 50 percent higher than the previous month.
For a graphical summary of progress, please see the Performance Indicators page, which will continue to be updated monthly through the end of the fiscal year.
Transaction Type Median Time to Complete
Funded Agreements (Grants Team) 28 days
Funded Agreements (Corporate Team) 59 days
Change Requests 5 days
Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDA) 16 days
Data Use Agreements (DUA) 72 days
Material Transfers Agreements (MTA) 57 days
Clinical Trials 149 days
Other Industry Activities (Amendments, etc.) 35.5 days
Outgoing Subcontracts (New) 57 days
Outgoing Subcontracts (Amendments) 85 days