Implementation of Program Review Recommendations/Changes in InfoEd processing

March 15, 2017

Implementation of Program Review Recommendations/Changes in InfoEd processing
As a result of OSR program review recommendations, we are implementing three changes in OSR procedures effective March 20, 2017:

Proposal Review:
Effective Monday March 20, the departmental routing for proposal review will be changed to only require the approval of the Principal Investigator, her/his department, and the proposal’s affiliated department (if different from the PI’s department). Co-Investigators and their departments will no longer have to approve the proposal in InfoEd. InfoEd will send them a notification that the proposal is in workflow, along with instructions to notify the departmental research administrator and OSR Grants Officer via email if there are any issues prior to the submission deadline. This change impacts all new proposals developed on or after March 20.  Proposals currently in route will follow the existing process.
Streamlined Review:
We are also piloting a streamlined review process for selected departments. This streamlined review focuses OSR review on compliance and budgetary risk areas and not on the scientific sections of the proposal. The pilot is planned for three months with the expectation to roll it out to the entire campus this summer. 
Award processing:
OSR is also changing the internal processes for award review and chart string creation. We will be streamlining InfoEd award workflow so that there are internal efficiencies within OSR. We will also use new statuses in InfoEd to delineate where the award is in the setup process: received, in negotiation with the Sponsor, awaiting additional data from the Department, and awaiting NU COI clearance. OSR will also begin to unilaterally rebudget awards with cuts of less than 20% to allow for faster creation of chart strings. Departments may request rebudgeting via the ESPR process in the event the unilateral rebudgeting needs to be updated.
As we use the new workflows and processes, please be patient as we all learn the new business model.  If you have any questions, please contact:

OSR-Evanston:  Andrea Zakrzewski (7-3495,

OSR-Chicago:  Lynda Wolter (3-1780,

OSR-Info Team:  Kim Griffin (7-1145,