OSR Performance Indicators: May Update

June 4, 2019
With additional permanent and temporary resources in place, the Office for Sponsored Research is beginning to see benefits of the increased staffing. Processing times and transaction queues for non-funded negotiations (i.e. material transfer agreements (MTAs), data use agreements (DUAs), and confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs) ) and outgoing subcontracts are both trending downward through the end of May.
Increased Staffing
Two new permanent positions – one on the corporate contracts team and one on the subcontracts team - have been filled. In addition, two new temporary contractors - one with each of the aforementioned teams - have begun.
Non-funded Negotiations
The queue of in-process non-funded negotiations handled by the corporate contracts team has dropped by about 30%, down to 227 from 326 the previous month. The median time to process CDAs has reached the target of 18 days, and the median time for DUAs was down to 54 days, from a high of 96 days in March. Material transfers took slightly longer at the median this past month at 63 days, due to clearing a large number of older requests. OSR is working toward reaching a goal for median times of 28 days for DUA execution and 21 days for MTAs.
The queue of in-process outgoing subcontract requests held relatively steady through May, with a slight reduction from 242 to 234. However, the portion of those in-process requests that have reached the stage of awaiting the external party’s execution grew; more than half of the in-process requests are currently waiting on the other party to fully execute. With the goal of cutting more time from this process, the hope is that increased capacity will enable OSR to more quickly 1) follow-up with reminders to external parties and 2) involve departmental research administrators and PIs with non-responsive parties. For the subcontracts fully executed in May, the median execution time fell by 22 days, down from 104 days for April to 84 days for May.
For a graphical summary of progress, please see the Performance Indicators page, which will be updated monthly through the end of the fiscal year.