NIH Individual NRSA (F Series) Proposal Prep Job Aid Now Available

November 20, 2017

Getting Started Guide: Preparing an Individual NRSA Application

With NIH's December 8th submission deadline fast approaching, a new resource on the OSR website may be helpful to anyone planning to submit an NRSA Individual F Series Fellowship application: Getting Started Guide: Preparing an Individual NRSA Application. This one-page job aid provides an overview of the administrative components required for an individual NRSA fellowship proposal and helpful hints to facilitate the proposal submission process.

The Getting Started Guide is  available on the Resources: Federal Policies & Guidance page along with links to other NIH training grant resources. Please feel free to distribute this guide to others in your unit who may find it useful.

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Note: A more detailed companion microlearning module on Individual NRSA preparation is currently being developed. Be on the lookout for a release announcement in early 2018!