Non-Funded Negotiations in InfoEd as of October 26th

October 26, 2018

The process to initiate non-funded negotiations – that is, CDAs (confidential disclosure agreements), MTAs (material transfer agreements), and DUAs (data use agreements) – is now available in InfoEd. Starting today all requests for non-funded negotiations must be submitted to OSR through InfoEd/PD. We encourage faculty to reach out to their research administrator as soon as they anticipate the need for a CDA, MTA, or DUA so that their RA can complete the InfoEd/PD submission and help facilitate timely negotiation.

A user guide on how to complete a non-funded negotiation in InfoEd is included below, and there is an informational webinar on the InfoEd announcements page.

In addition, detailed information about non-funded negotiations can be found on the OSR website: