Reopening of Federal Government: Agency Updates

January 29, 2019
NSF and NASA updates related to the reopening of the Federal Government
NSF released a statement regarding resumption of operations, noting that although the agency has reopened, it will not be “conduct[ing] business as usual” in the coming weeks. NSF will be prioritizing the most pressing items, including processing the backlog of awards to universities and small businesses and funding and renewing oversight of facilities. Visit the NSF website to read the full notice.
The due date for new Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST) fellowship applications (Solicitation: NNH19ZDA005K) has been amended from February 1, 2019 to TBD. A new due date has yet to be set. Note that the due date shown in NSPIRES is NOT a proposal due date; the system requires a specific date be used rather than “TBD”. Visit the NSPIRES website for full notice details.  Due to the uncertainty surrounding ongoing funding of the Federal Government and availability (or lack thereof) of NSPIRES, OSR recommends that any department planning to submit a FINESST fellowship proposal do so as soon as possible. Talk to your Grants Officer if you have questions or concerns.