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OnBase Functions

OSR and ASRSP implemented the OnBase product in 2012 and primarily use OnBase for the following functions:

  • Importing and indexing documents
  • Organizing and managing documents
  • Retrieving documents
  • Creating and deleting documents

The OSR/ASRSP OnBase implementation is the auditable, institutional system of record for sponsored research documentation.  Documents related to submitted proposals are transferred on a nightly basis from InfoEd to OnBase.  Award and post-award documentation is uploaded directly to OnBase by OSR and ASRSP staff.

Accessing OnBase

OSR and ASRSP staff use the OnBase desktop on web-based client to navigate through and manage sponsored research documentation maintained in OnBase.  Other NU staff and faculty with InfoEd access can use a secure link within each individual InfoEd record to retrieve record-specific documents (e.g. notices of award, fully executed sub-award packages). To access the OnBase link for a given InfoEd record, navigate to the PT Summary page and scroll to the bottom of the page. (See screenshot below).

onbase graphic


Document access

All documentation from OSR and ASRSP that comprises the auditable, institutional record for each sponsored project is managed in OnBase.  This includes proposal, award, and post-award documents as well as non-funded agreements (e.g. Material Transfer Agreements).  InfoEd users will have access to all non-confidential and non-legacy documents.

Confidential documents are internal documents restricted to those in central OSR and ASRSP offices because the contents: 1) are contractually-restricted, 2) are otherwise restricted by NU policies (e.g. Salary Information – institutional base salary, SSN), and/or 3) contain other privileged information (e.g. privileged correspondence between OSR and sponsors). 

Legacy (or historical) documents are documents stored in OnBase prior to the launch of the OnBase-InfoEd integration.  Departmental access to these documents will be extremely limited as immediately prior to launch, legacy documents were defaulted to confidential. This conservative approach was taken because during the original OSR/ASRSP transition to OnBase in 2012, hard-copy files were uploaded using “bulk scans”.  In the interim period prior to the OnBase-InfoEd integration project, very few formalized standard operating procedures existed across OSR and ASRSP offices.  Consequently, it is possible that confidential information was labeled inconsistently during this period.