Significant Absence of a Principal Investigator

Principal investigators (PIs) anticipating absences from the University for significant periods of time are required to give official notice of such absences to the agencies sponsoring their research.

Most federal agencies require advance notification if the PI relinquishes active direction of a project for a period of three continuous months or longer, plans a significant change in effort, or plans to transfer to another institution.

The awarding agency must approve a replacement PI who is suggested by the original PI. Agencies reserve the right to terminate a grant if approval for a leave of absence has not been sought or if the replacement PI is not acceptable.

To initiate a leave, the PI should write to the awarding agency regarding the planned absence and appointment of a replacement. This correspondence should first be routed to the Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) via ESPR. The curriculum vitae of the replacement PI should accompany the request.

Questions concerning an absence, change in level of effort, or transfer of award should be directed to an OSR grants officer.

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