Applicant Organization and Submission of Proposals for Research or Sponsored Programs

Faculty members holding regular or research faculty appointments on a full-time or part-time basis submit proposals for research or sponsored programs through Northwestern University as the applicant organization with the following exceptions:

  • Faculty associated with the Veterans Administration (VA) submit their Merit Review and other VA program proposals through the VA system.
  • Faculty based at either Children's Memorial or Evanston Hospital submit proposals through the hospital or, with the approval of the hospital, can submit through the University.
  • Faculty holding contributed service appointments may submit proposals either through the University or through one of the affiliated hospitals.

Proposals involving faculty from several University departments, schools, or centers, or affiliated hospitals normally will identify the University as the applicant organization. In administering this policy for proposals for research or sponsored programs submitted through the University, the following is understood:

  • The University is responsible for oversight of regulatory and other administrative matters that affect research activities.
  • It is not the intent of this policy to increase the overall cost of a research effort or to decrease the recovery of reasonable cost to an affiliated hospital. The affiliated hospitals will be reimbursed for reasonable, allocable, allowable, and auditable direct and indirect costs through the mechanism of a subcontract or purchase order.
  • It is the responsibility of faculty applicants and their department chairs to insure that the appropriate costs, both direct and indirect, are recognized and budgeted, and that budgets are approved in advance by the University and any third party, including an affiliated hospital.

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