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One of the primary functions of Sponsored Research is the campus-wide facilitation of proposal submission to external sponsors. Our office is committed to helping all Northwestern principal investigators prepare and submit successful proposals, and in FY 2019, Sponsored Research submitted around 3,700 proposals that yielded nearly $800 million in awards. For more proposal and award numbers, visit our Reports and Metrics section.

Useful Institutional Information     Budget Development

Identifying Funding Opportunities

The primary way sponsors request research proposals from investigators is via sponsored project solicitations. If you are working in a research administrator role, in most cases, a potential Principal Investigator for a project will bring to your attention opportunities in which they are interested. However, if you would like to find out more about identifying potential sponsors and pursuing funding opportunities, click through the menu options below.

Federal Funding

Research Development advances Northwestern’s research competitiveness by designing and executing strategic, proactive and catalytic activities aimed at securing federal funding. Research Development facilitates collaborations and interdisciplinary program across departments and campuses; provides project management,  programmatic support, and team science guidance for the development of large interdisciplinary proposals and initiatives; anticipates, identifies and disseminates funding opportunities; manages the Institutional Limited Submission Process; and guides early career investigators across all disciplines. Research Development offers a wide variety of resources to help faculty and staff locate FOAs of interest.

Partnerships with Industry

Northwestern’s Corporate Engagement team serves as a gateway for the corporate community to Northwestern University. Corporate Engagement assists companies in cultivating relationships with Northwestern, connecting companies to the appropriate faculty researchers and developing engagement strategies that align with the mission and objectives of both the company and Northwestern.

Guide for Industry

For more about the broad principles applicable to research agreements between Northwestern University and industrial and commercial organizations, visit our Engaging Industry page.

Private Foundation Funding

Foundation Relations applies its expertise on foundations to assist Northwestern faculty and administrators across all schools and units who seek funding from private foundations. Foundation Relations helps faculty members secure foundation funding for their projects by identifying potential funding sources, advising on strategy, and assisting in the development of compelling proposals. To advance the University’s productive relationships with these funders, Foundation Relations works in partnership with offices across the university to coordinate and track all Northwestern foundation activity. On behalf of Northwestern, Foundation Relations manages a portfolio of more than 500 foundations that give to higher education.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact Foundation Relations before applying to any private foundation and should be aware that for some specific restricted foundations OFR requires notification prior to any contact.