Sponsored Research Proposal Deadlines

All proposals for sponsored projects to be administered by Northwestern must be internally registered, routed, and approved through InfoEd Proposal Development (PD).
Deadline Required Materials Associated Action
5 business days before sponsor deadline   
Administrative shell* complete:
  • Proposal Routing Form & All Necessary Approvals
  • Statement of Work (SOW) / Abstract                        
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Solicitation
  • Other items as applicable (e.g. Biographical Sketches, Cost Share Documentation)
  • Notify Sponsored Research that Administrative Shell is complete.  NOTE: Assigning the status "Pre-route complete" to a proposal in InfoEd PD will notify Sponsored Research that the admin shell is ready for review.
2 business days before sponsor deadline
  • All tabs (in InfoEd PD) complete, including final science
  • Notify Sponsored Research that proposal is ready to submit. NOTE: Assigning the status "Ready for Sponsored Research Final Review" to a proposal in InfoEd will notify the GO assigned to the review the proposal.

* For assistance related to what constitutes the administrative shell please download the Administrative Shell Checklist.

Note: While the Sponsored Research strives to submit every proposal to the sponsor by the sponsor's deadline, Sponsored Research is not responsible for any outcome associated with a proposal that has not met the internal deadlines specified above. Per the memo from Vice President for Research, Jay Walsh, on internal proposal deadlines, Sponsored Research staff will give priority to those proposals that have been internally submitted on time.