About ESPR

The Electronic Sponsored Projects Request (ESPR) application is designed to facilitate the processing of post-submission and post-award changes by eliminating paper forms and enabling electronic routing of requests throughout the University.


In December 2016, a series of enhancements were implemented in ESPR.  Highlights include:
  • RA Pooling: A group of RA’s in a given unit can be assigned to an “RA pool” so that they can access and work on each other’s requests. (This functionality replaces pre-existing “designate” functionality, which will be disabled.) Scroll down or click here for more information about RA pools.
  • Advanced search functionality for requests
  • Comments feature that enables departmental users to enter comments to OSR in response to requests for revisions
  • Request a change of PI (for awards where incorrect/outdated PI information is being associated with the SP#) or change of original requester after a request is routed
  • Revisions to questions and entry methods on a number of forms

RA Pool Information

An RA pool enables pool members to access and work on each other's requests. It is possible for an individual to be a member of multiple RA pools. Approvers may be included in a pool, but pool membership does NOT confer any (additional) approver privileges to its (other) members.

Individuals who are at the approver level for a division, department, and/or school (e.g. Division Administrator, Department Chair, School Director of Research Administration) may request an RA pool for staff members in their unit by following the following instructions: 

  1. Send a Help request to the OSR Info Team or email the Info Team at indicating you would like to set-up (or edit) an RA pool.
  2. Specify the unit (division(s), department(s), or school) for which you would like to set-up an RA pool.
  3. Provide the NetID and name for each individual to be included in the RA pool.
  4. [OPTIONAL] You may also indicate if you would like email notifications turned on. [Note: The default setting is OFF.]
  • Turn email notifications ON if you would like members of an RA pool to receive notifications for requests submitted by all members of the pool.
  • The original requestor for a request will always receive notifications regarding the request regardless of pool settings.
  • Email notification settings can be set on a person-by-person basis.  An individual can request a change in their settings at a later time.

ESPR Assistance