About ESPR

The Electronic Sponsored Projects Request (ESPR) application is designed to facilitate the processing of post-submission and post-award changes by eliminating paper forms and enabling electronic routing of requests throughout the University. ESPR also allows departmental research administrators to work collaboratively on requests via the RA Pool feature (see below for more information about RA pools) as well as respond to requests for revisions from OSR.

ESPR Assistance

RA Pools

A group of Research Administrators in a given unit can be assigned to an “RA pool” so that they can access and work on each other’s requests. It is possible for an individual to be a member of multiple RA pools. Approvers may be included in a pool, but pool membership does NOT confer any (additional) approver privileges to its (other) members.

Individuals who are at the approver level for a division, department, and/or school (e.g. Division Administrator, Department Chair, School Director of Research Administration) may request an RA pool for staff members in their unit by following the following instructions: 

  1. Send a Help request to the OSR Info Team or email the Info Team at indicating you would like to set-up (or edit) an RA pool.
  2. Specify the unit (division(s), department(s), or school) for which you would like to set-up an RA pool.
  3. Provide the NetID and name for each individual to be included in the RA pool.
  4. [OPTIONAL] You may also indicate if you would like email notifications turned on. [Note: The default setting is OFF.]
  • Turn email notifications ON if you would like members of an RA pool to receive notifications for requests submitted by all members of the pool.
  • The original requestor for a request will always receive notifications regarding the request regardless of pool settings.
  • Email notification settings can be set on a person-by-person basis.  An individual can request a change in their settings at a later time.