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Tools & Checklists description
(rev 03/16/16)
Guidance on developing non-technical proposal elements
Note:  When submitting an internal budget for Sponsored Research review purposes, the internal budget should be uploaded to "Internal Document" as a "Budget" document type.]
(rev 06/17/16)
Calculate budgets with proper F&A and Fringe rates
(Chicago campus)
This document provides guidance on how to submit a Final Invention Statement in eRA Commons.
(Chicago campus)
Provides guidance on completing the Administrative Shell for proposals being submitted via InfoEd to NIH
[Note: This document is used on the Chicago campus only]
(rev 01/05/16)
Supplementary document on preparing and reviewing general proposals to NIH
(rev 01/05/16)
Supplementary document to NSF guidance on preparation of standard elements of an NSF proposal
Proposal Development Timeline (Chicago campus) Recommendation as to when to perform certain actions when preparing a sponsored research proposal for submission.
Proposal Timeline Calculator Provides assistance in calculating your preparation and submission timelines when preparing proposals
Unobligated Balance Calculator Provides assistance in calculating unobligated balances when preparing progress reports. Instructions for Unobligated Balance Calculator



While most sponsored program requests for Sponsored Research are routed electronically through InfoEd and ESPR, there are still a few processes that rely upon paper forms.