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subcontract – also referred to as a “subaward” – is a formal agreement between Northwestern University (Pass-through Entity, or PTE) and a subrecipient under a sponsored program.  Most of the primary award terms and conditions will flow through to the subrecipient, particularly the regulatory requirements and obligations.  The subaward agreement will also incorporate the subrecipient’s proposed scope of work and budget.  Adjustments might be necessary if the prime award is reduced.  Incoming subawards are categorized and handled as funded agreements.  The following information applies to outgoing subawards.

Download a copy of the Subrecipient vs. Contractor Classification Form


Action Needed for Fully Executed Subcontract Agreements

When you are copied on an email that includes the attachment of a fully executed subcontract agreement:

  • Funds are now available for the subcontractor to spend
  • Funds must be set aside (encumbered) with a purchase order (PO)
For next steps see:

Contacts and Institutional Information

Primary Contact

For subawards on grants:
For subcontracts with industry

Legal Address

Northwestern University
633 Clark Street
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Northwestern University
Office for Sponsored Research
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Phone: 312-503-3170